Top 3 Exterior Painting Tips

Top 3 Exterior Painting Tips

Exterior painting can be challenging, particularly when it is your first DIY painting project. With the correct guidance and techniques to exterior painting your first time can be a success. Let us dive into more detail on our top 3 exterior painting tips to help you get on your way in transforming your exteriors appear and protection for the years ahead. 

#1 Preparation is the key

Vital to any painting project is not to jump the gun too early. Careful and meticulous preparation must take place before you open the tin. Ensure the area is cleaned thoroughly removing any dirt, dust or grease that may compromise your paints adhesion. Just like you wouldn’t paint on a rough canvas, when painting exteriors we need to take added care to restore the surface to being as flat as possible. This includes comprehensive sanding and filling in cracks or crevasses to ensure the roller can reach the entire surface area. You then want to ensure the surrounding area is effectively taped and covered with drop sheets to ensure the substrate is the only thing susceptible to paint. 

#2 Paint Selection

Selecting a high quality paint in your preferred colour is optimal in achieving a favourable finish. There are many types of exterior paints on the market many at different price points and made for different applications. Do your research and reach out to painting professionals on suggestions based on the substrate in which you are conducting your project. It is important to check the labels and technical product data available to determine whether your selection has a tested rating against UV, rain, weather and temperature changes. Some over the lower quality paints on the market as susceptible to fading, cracking and peeling, whereas the higher quality paints overcome this and often come with a product warranty. Take photos of the area you will paint and take it to your local hardware store or painting contractor, professional advise when selecting your paints will ensure you are getting the product specific to your application. 

#3 Pick a Day

Once you have done your prep work and purchased your paints and tools your ready to go, but don’t rush it. It is critical to make careful day selection when starting your painting project to ensure the forecast is clear and preferably sunny. Best to pick a dry time of the year for exterior painting that is less humid. This way the paints applied will have ample time to dry without fading, cracking or running. We suggest picking a 5 day block of this desirable weather and commence painting on day 1, this then allows a further 4 days to finish and let your new paint job cure. This tip is often overlooked by many DIY painters who are on a mission to get it done, but re be patient and do not try and work against the elements.

Hopefully by reading this your have a little more knowledge to assist with your new project. Remember that there is plenty of useful DIY resources available our there and with a little bit of effort you can provide a paint finish on par with the professionals. If you ever have any questions on painting or need painting advise the Geelong Painters inbox is always open, feel free to drop us a line and we will be happy to help. 

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