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Exterior painting is the protective skin to any property and it is important to consult with a professional that can properly assess your project to achieve desired results, structural protection and material longevity.

For exterior painting in Geelong, we offer the highest level of customer service and professionalism available in the area. We have a strong network of trusted suppliers the will provide warranties on all of Geelong Painter’s projects giving our customers peace of mind when working with us. Alongside the client, we help formulate a plan of action to transform new or dilapidated property exteriors.

Exterior Painting Geelong: Why Choose Geelong Painters for Your Exterior Projects

Geelong Painters has been painting exteriors for several years and takes great pride in providing an unmatched service when it comes to providing customers with an exterior transformation on walls, fences, gates and doors all throughout Geelong and its surrounding areas. 

We understand the importance of exterior paint finishes and their role in uplifting a property’s vibrance & longevity. At Geelong Painters our team of experienced professionals will take the necessary measures to not only provide customers with a top-notch finish but will ensure your property is protected from the elements and last the test of time.

No matter the substrate, We understand Geelong painting and the harsh weather conditions faced year round. Our team is guaranteed to make your exteriors sparkle whilst retaining durability for many years ahead.

Book your next exterior consultation with Geelong Painters today and allow us to lift not only your property’s style but protect the physical structure in which our paint is applied. 

Geelong painting experts can help with all of your external painting projects and tailor these to each customer, whether small or large including: 

1) Fence, gates and garage doors

2) Home exterior painting: facades, doors, masonry and timber

3) Industrial and commercial exterior painting including businesses and warehouses

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Why choose us for your exterior Geelong painting services?

1) Our painters have significant expertise and experience in all aspects exterior painting. From weatherboard homes, brickwork, concrete, fences, garage doors and the rest, the Geelong painter staff have you covered as it is important to appoint the correct primers and paints dependent of the substrate to ensure maximum protection whilst retaining a flawless finish. 


2) Competitive pricing, we understand the importance of value managing your projects and will provide you with transparent and best value quotations. We are able to provide our customers with highly competitive pricing due to our years of experience completing exterior painting in Geelong through refining our painting process, this has enabled us to significantly reduce the amount of time spent and materials wasted to provide our clients with a first class finish at an affordable cost. 


3) Our customer satisfaction guarantee gives you the peace of mind that you will receive a flawless and professional service, warranted and made to last the test of time. We have implemented strict quality assurance processes and checklist for our painters which will mean that no  imperfections or defects will be ignored. Upon completion of any project our painting staff and client will complete an inspection together ensuring that all customers are 100% satisfied with the result.


4) Fully licensed and insured, which means the customer can have peace of mind knowing that their property is in the safe hands of Geelong  Painters. Not only this, but each of our suppliers have comprehensive warranties that we provide each of our clients upon completion, this will  ensure that your paint finish will last the test of time guaranteed.  


Give our friendly customer service a call to consult about your exterior painting project today!


Our Services

Interior Home Painting Geelong
Painters Belmont

We are a trusted and reputable painter for your home painting in Geelong, specialising in both existing home painting projects and new builds or renovations. Leave it to our team of experts to transform your properties walls, doors and ceilings and uplift your home today.

Exterior Painting Geelong

Transform your properties vibrance with our exterior painting department. We have a range of exterior painting solutions that will uplift your external walls, fences, gates and doors. Your property will appear brand new whilst improved and protected for the years ahead

Commercial & Retail Painting Geelong
Commercial Painting Geelong Vic

Allow us to add value to your business or place of work for customers and stakeholders alike. Our Geelong commercial painting service team will be able to optimise your new or existing space to align with your facility or brand. We have years of experience in cafes/retail, medical, office spaces and warehouse. 

Deck Restoration and Painting Geelong

Allow us to bring your deck, patio or outdoor furniture to life with with the Geelong deck restoration and painting team. We aim to restore, rejuvenate and protect decks from harsh weather and provide uplifting staining products to make your woods vibrant again. 

Render & Textured Painting Geelong

Geelong Painters rendering and textured painting team offer high quality cementitious and acrylic renders that will give your property a unique and sophisticated look. There a many colours and textures available to suite any style. This is an optimal choice as renders will dramatically improve the durability and protect the substrates they are applied on. 

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Additional Services

Beyond exterior painting, we also offer:

  • Exterior trim painting: Add a finishing touch to your home’s look
  • Deck and fence painting: Protect and beautify your outdoor living spaces
  • Colour consultations: Get expert advice on choosing the perfect palette for your home’s exterior

The Best Time for Exterior Painting in Geelong

Wondering about the best time for exterior painting in Geelong? While we can work year-round, the ideal conditions are typically found in late spring or early autumn when temperatures are mild and rainfall is less frequent.


However, our expertise allows us to adapt to various weather conditions to ensure a perfect finish.

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Why Choose Local House Painting Companies?

Opting for local house painting companies in Geelong like ours offers several advantages:


  • Familiarity with local climate and architectural styles
  • Quick response times for consultations and project starts
  • Support for the local economy
  • Established reputation within the community

Frequently Asked Questions

Geelong Painters offers a comprehensive range of exterior painting services tailored to meet various needs in Geelong and surrounding areas. Our expert team handles painting for exterior walls, fences, gates, and doors. We work on diverse substrates, including weatherboard homes, brickwork, concrete, and garage doors. Our services extend to exterior trim painting, deck and fence painting, and color consultations to help you choose the perfect palette for your home’s exterior.

Geelong Painters stands out as the top choice for exterior painting projects due to several key factors. Firstly, our painters possess extensive expertise and experience in all aspects of exterior painting, ensuring proper application of primers and paints for maximum protection and flawless finishes. Secondly, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality, thanks to our refined painting process. Thirdly, we provide a customer satisfaction guarantee, implementing strict quality assurance processes. Lastly, we are fully licensed and insured, offering peace of mind and comprehensive warranties from our suppliers.

 While Geelong Painters can work year-round, the ideal conditions for exterior painting in Geelong are typically found in late spring or early autumn. During these seasons, temperatures are mild and rainfall is less frequent, creating optimal conditions for paint application and drying. However, our expertise allows us to adapt to various weather conditions throughout the year to ensure a perfect finish. We carefully consider factors such as temperature, humidity, and precipitation to schedule and execute your exterior painting project for the best results.

Geelong Painters employs several strategies to ensure the longevity of exterior paint jobs. We begin by thoroughly assessing the property and selecting high-quality, weather-resistant paints suitable for Geelong’s climate. Our team meticulously prepares surfaces, addressing any existing issues like cracks or moisture problems. We apply appropriate primers and use proper application techniques to ensure even coverage and adhesion. Additionally, we offer comprehensive warranties on our projects, giving customers peace of mind. Our understanding of local weather conditions allows us to create durable finishes that protect your property from the elements for years to come.

Yes, Geelong Painters is well-equipped to handle commercial and retail exterior painting projects. Our commercial painting service team has years of experience working on various types of business properties, including cafes, retail spaces, medical facilities, office buildings, and warehouses. We understand the unique requirements of commercial properties and can optimize your space to align with your facility or brand image. Our team ensures minimal disruption to your business operations while delivering high-quality, long-lasting results that enhance your property’s appearance and protect its structure.

In addition to exterior painting, Geelong Painters offers a wide range of complementary services. These include interior home painting for both existing homes and new builds or renovations. We also specialize in deck restoration and painting, bringing outdoor spaces and furniture back to life while protecting them from harsh weather. Our rendering and textured painting team provides high-quality cementitious and acrylic renders for a unique and sophisticated look. We also offer color consultations to help you choose the perfect palette for your property, ensuring a cohesive and appealing aesthetic both inside and out.